News — Dental Care for Dogs

Caring for Your Canines Teeth

We all know that dental care is important, but did you know good dental care is just as vital for your pet? Beyond your routine Veterinary appointments, you can do at-home dental care to help improve your dog’s teeth and gums. Plaque and tartar can buildup on a canine’s teeth and gums. Over time, this can lead to gum disease and gingivitis. Dental problems can be painful and cause inflammation, tooth decay, and tooth or bone loss. Plaque and bacteria can also enter your dog’s bloodstream and affect their heart, liver, and kidneys. Cleaning your dog’s teeth can minimize plaque and tartar....

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Why You Should Choose A Sustainable Bamboo Toothbrush for Your Dog

  Bamboo toothbrushes are quickly growing in popularity and for good reasons. With major concerns about the health of the environment, eco-conscious pet owners are switching to bamboo toothbrushes because they’re a great alternative to plastic toothbrushes. If you’re searching for ways to create an eco-friendly lifestyle that includes your dog’s dental health, learning about the benefits of a bamboo toothbrush is a great place to begin.    Why Are Bamboo Toothbrushes Considered Eco-Friendly? You may be wondering why bamboo toothbrushes have become a household staple for people wanting to live an eco-friendly lifestyle. A typical plastic toothbrush can clog...

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9 Tips for Healthy Dog Dental Care

A healthy and happy dog includes their dental health.Not having a home dental care routine can put your furry friend’s teeth, gums, and overall health at risk. Dogs can experience symptoms of dental disease like bad breath, painful infections, tooth loss, or even life-threatening conditions to vital organs like their heart and kidneys. You can help save your pet from the pain of dental disease and an expensive run to your veterinarian by brushing your furry friend’s teeth and gums. Here are 9 tips for practicing healthy dog dental care: Start your dog’s dental care routine as soon as possible...

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