We are champions of organic pet wellness and believers that great 
products can do amazing things for our pets and the planet.




1-Tree Planted Program

Our 1-Tree Planted program furthers our sustainability endeavors in ways that benefit the planet. This program is a multi-prong approach;

• Specific product that’s tethered to planting trees worldwide in areas of reforestation for restoring animal habitats and reducing erosion and pollution in our waterways

• Employees rolling up their sleeves and planting trees in specific markets from the boroughs in New York to beaches along the California Coast and beyond

• Retail customers and consumers planting trees through their purchases of our Tea Tree & Peppermint Shampoo and Conditioner combo pack that are earmarked with the 1-Tree Planted logo.


We are advocates for organic legislation and promote tips on recycling on our website, newsletter, blog and social media. We are active member of the following associations that aid sustainability and the organic trade.

Pet Sustainability Coalition - a leading organization for sustainable advancement in the pet industry that promotes business-minded solutions for environmental improvement

Organic Trade Association - promotes, protects and grows organic agriculture and commerce

Eco Cert Certified - an organic certification organization that conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world

Sustainability & Recycling

We use organic farmers that practice sustainability and partner with other eco-friendly companies. I.E. RADIUS with a 50,000 kw solar collectors. We look for ways to continually reduce our carbon footprint.


• USA made and locally sourced

• No surfactants or toxic chemicals

• Eco-friendly flushable Wipes

• PET bottles are 100% recyclable

• USDA Certified Organic ingredients

• Bowls made of rice hulls harvested from Arkansas

• Stairs are made of upcycled furniture foam reducing landfill waste

• Starting to print with FSC printers that use soy inks & higher content of recyclable paper


Corporate Culture

Printing less promoting digital with a 75% reduction of catalog printing

• Recycling ink cartridges

• Employees carpool & work satellite reducing emissions

• Bring reusable water bottles

• Reduce computer power

• Recycle bins to reduce corporate waste & scrap