Essential Dog Hygiene Tips for Happy and Healthy Pets

As a loving and responsible pet owner, it’s not only our job to make sure our dogs are showered with love but also maintained in top-notch hygiene.  Here are some tips to help keep your canine feeling (and smelling) their best in between trips to the groomer:

  1. Regular Bathing:Just like humans, dogs need regular baths to keep their skin and coat clean and moisturized.  The frequency of baths depends on your dog's breed, activity level, and coat type.  Generally, a bath every 4-6 weeks is a good starting point.  Opt for an all-natural multi use product (like our 4-in-1 Daily Shampoo & Conditioner, 3-in-1 Shed Control Shampoo & Conditioner and our 2-in-1 Brightening Shampoo & Conditioner) to help make the bath time experience quick and easy for both dog and pet owner.  Be sure to regularly check for any signs of skin irritation or allergies (rashes, redness, scaly patches, hair loss, etc.) when using any new product.
  1. Dental Care: Oral hygiene is often overlooked in dogs, but it's crucial for their overall health and goes beyond professional teeth cleaning at the vet. Skipping this at-home care puts them at risk not just for bad breath, but also gum disease, tooth decay and painful infections.  When introducing a new toothpaste, put a little on your finger and allow your dog to lick it off so they can get used to the taste and texture of the product. While many vets recommend daily toothbrushing for pets, we know that’s not always feasible.  On days where brushing just isn’t in the cards (or the schedule,) try a Plaque & Tartar Control Spray.


  1. Ear Cleaning: Dogs with floppy ears or those prone to ear infections need regular ear cleaning. First, be sure to trim away any long hair that may be blocking the ear canal.  Always use an ear wash solution (preferably one that is natural and USDA Certified Organic) and choose a soft, medical-grade swab that allows you to clean in tight crevices without doing any damage to the inner ear.  Don’t clean your dog’s ear more than once a week, unless directed to do so by your veterinarian.  Excessive cleaning of the ears can remove healthy bacteria your dog needs.

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