About Us


Pure and Natural Pet is a leading innovator in the organic grooming and health and wellness category prioritizing the well-being of pets and their families while setting the standard for ingredient-focused excellence.

Our journey began nine years ago when our founder was in search of products for her highly allergic dog and recognized there was a serious need for natural and organic pet products, as well as transparency in the labeling of iingredients. Since the beginning, our goal was to develop USDA Certified Organic products and establish an unparalleled reputation for product quality. Today, our dedication remains as steadfast as it was on day one.

Pure and Natural Pet

From the tip of their nose to the end of their tail, our grooming, health, and wellness products are formulated with premium ingredients safe for your pet, family, and the environment.

Organic Dental Solutions

Our organic dental products ensure your dog’s essential grooming routine is safe, gentle, and easy. Formulated to freshen your dog’s breath, remove tartar, reduce gingivitis, fight plaque, and odor causing bacteria, they are manufactured in the USA with only the safest ingredients and don’t contain harmful chemicals, dyes, pesticides, colors, sweeteners, or preservatives.

From eco-friendly toothbrushes to tooth gel, wipes, and breath spray, our dental products support the overall health of canines and are especially gentle for dog's with sensitive teeth and gums.

Pro-Coat Grooming

We have collaborated with Professional Groomers to develop products tailored to their specific requirements and ensure we meet the needs of the industry.

Our Pro-Coat line of products features a wide variety of shampoos and conditioners including moisturizing, degreasing, whitening, shed-control and more.