Holiday Puppy - A Guide to What You Need


The holidays and New Year often mean a new puppy in the household. Training and consistency in your routine are the keys to success.

Start Your Training

The earlier you start, the faster and easier it will be to teach good manners, and the better the lessons will stick.

The two most important things to teach your dog are house training and socialization — getting them comfortable around other people and pets.

Set Up A Routine

A routine helps with house training and is reassuring to your dog. Plan your schedule for walks, meals, bathroom breaks, and exercise — and stick to it.

Get Your Dog License & Tag

Getting a dog license is a legal requirement in most places in the United States, but local requirements vary. However, this is an important step, and your dog’s tag will be used to get them back to you, should they ever get loose.

You may also want to get your dog microchipped for extra insurance. Check with your local animal care and control to find out how to get your dog licensed. Most have online applications.

Find A Good Vet

Your dog will need a check-up and possibly some vaccinations. It’s important for a puppy’s first vet visit to be a pleasant experience so that your dog learns to take trips to the vet in stride.

Referrals are ideal! Animal-owning friends are a terrific source of information. Word of mouth is a great way to find a trusted veterinarian. Breeders, dog clubs, and rescue groups are also an ideal resource for a preferred veterinarian in your area. You can also put your zip code in Find a Local Vet.

Your dog’s first few week’s at home will be a period of adjustment for all of you. You can make the transition easier if you prepare your home in advance. Gather a team — vet, groomer, dog walker, doggy day care — and set up your routine.

 Find a Good Groomer


You can find a groomer or pet retailers easily on the Pure and Natural Pet online Retail Locator that sells your favorite USDA Certified Organic and Natural pet products. 

Grooming Your Pet at Home


BATHING - Consistency and training also pertain to your grooming routing. Grooming at home is easy and is part of the bond you create with your puppy. Being consistent with their bathing and grooming now makes it an easier process in the long run. Read more on our At Home Grooming Blog.

Puppies have sensitive skin and need a gentle formula recommended specifically for puppies. Pure and Natural Pet has options from Tearless Puppy Shampoo to a Waterless Foam Shampoo that aids in easily extending bath time freshness. 


DENTAL - Along with bathing good dental care is just as important to your puppy’s overall health. While puppies will lose their baby teeth, caring for their teeth and gums is critical as dental disease can affect their vital organs. Bad breath is an indicator of possible dental issues. Make sure you schedule routine cleaning with your Vet.

For your at home dental cleaning, we have a variety of dental options; from our Organic Dental Solutions Dental Kits with Bamboo Toothbrush and Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Dental Gel to our Clean Mint Dental Gel and Dental Spray. Be consistent with your dental care for a happier and healthier pup.

Read more for Tips on Dental Care Blog.


EAR CARE – certain breeds can be prone to ear infections. Not only are they painful, they can also be costly. Our Ear Cleansing System comes with medical-grade, dual sided, reusable Pure Tips for exceptional cleaning and a Mullen Oil based serum to clean and deodorize. If your dog is a swimmer, or has long ears, our USDA Certified Organic Ear Wash quickly removes, dirt, grime and debris.

Read more on the importance of Ear Care Blog.


CLEAN UP - Puppies can be messy but no one else has to know. Our award-winning Stain & Odor Control Spray is a must have with puppy training. Our eco-friendly spray is also approved by the Rug & Carpet Institute to safely clean your rugs or fabric. Need portable cleaning for when you’re on the go? Our flushable Wipes are just what you need for a quick cleaning from head to toe.


PROTECTION - your puppy is curious and explores the world with their lil’ paws and nose. Keep them both soft and supple with our USDA Certified Organic wellness balms that are made with food-grade ingredients, so they are safe if licked. Noses can dry in winter or burn in summer; our Nose Rescue has a natural SPF and helps heal dry cracked noses. Our Paw Rescue restores paws damaged by the elements or rough terrain.  



FLEA & TICK – While out on adventurers or your own back yard, pesky Fleas & Tick hide and can bring disease. You don’t need harsh chemical laden collars or sprays when you can effectively repel and kill Fleas and Kicks with our natural Flea & Tick Spray. It’s safe to spray on your puppy and their bedding. We also carry a natural Flea & Tick Shampoo & Wipe that easily allows you to target prone areas. Read more on our added Flea & Tick Blog

Enjoy you newest furry family member. We’re proud to make products that are USA made and safe for the environment and the whole family. From Tip-to-Tail – we have you covered for all of your grooming and wellness for your puppy and as they grow.


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