Why Organic Matters

The term “Organic” has been used for many years, but many people are not aware of what organic really means and why it matters. If you are interested in learning more about the benefits of an organic lifestyle, keep reading this Blog post as we dive into the true meaning of organic.


What exactly does “organic” mean? The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) states that the goal of organic foods and organic farming is to "integrate cultural, biological, and mechanical practices that foster cycling of resources, promote ecological balance, and conserve biodiversity."


Simply put, if you see a “USDA Organic” or the “Certified Organic” seal on your food, personal care items, pet products, or other goods, this means that all the ingredients in the product have been grown or raised according to the rigorous USDA’s organic standards. These standards also apply to manufacturing guidelines and inspections.


Why Organic is Healthier for the Environment


Today, there is growing consumer awareness and concern for how we treat the environment. As we become more educated about how conventional farming methods destroy topsoil, use toxic pesticides and pollute our waters, etc., it is only natural to want to buy organic products. The Organic Trade Association (OTA), a leading voice for organic agriculture and products in the United States, defines Organic agriculture as being “based on practices that not only protect environmental health, but also strive to improve it. Instead of relying on synthetic pesticides and fertilizers that can deplete the soil of valuable nutrients and increase environmental degradation, organic agriculture builds up soil using such practices as composting, cover cropping, and crop rotation.”

Farmers that use these organic practices are helping to keep our water supply clean and unpolluted from synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. According to the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), using toxins and chemicals is prohibited in organic agriculture methods, and replaced by organic fertilizers; consisting of compost, animal manure, and green manure. Through the use of greater biodiversity, we enhance soil structure and water infiltration. Research on well managed organic systems has shown that their “better nutrient retentive abilities greatly reduce the risk of groundwater pollution”.

The environmental benefits of organic farming do not stop at protecting the health of our water supply. They also help improve the quality of the air that we breathe and positively combat the effects of climate change.  The heavy use of fossil fuels by conventional agriculture practices have played a role in climate change. Farmers worldwide have been faced with the challenge of climate change and organic agriculture will contribute to helping mitigatethis environmental issue. Research shows that organic agriculture methods has “the ability to sequester carbon in the soil”, “increases the return of carbon in the soil” and “raises productivity and favoring carbon storage”.

Organic farming is also more sustainable than conventional farming.Studies have also supported the above findings proved that organic “requires half as much energy, contributes far fewer greenhouse gasses, and is more resilient in the face of climate disruption.” For example, Rodale Institute’s Farming Systems Trial, the longest longest-running side-by-side comparison of organic and conventional grain cropping systems in North America for almost 40 years, has decades long research that revealed the following about organic agriculture:

  • Organic Systems are competitive with conventional yield after a 5-year transition period
  • Product yield up to 40% higher in times of drought
  • Leach no toxic chemicals into waterways
  • Use 45% less energy
  • Release 40% fewer carbon emissions
  • Earn 3-6x greater profits for farmers

With the use of healthy organic practices, organic farmers are preserving and protecting mother nature’s natural habitats, aiming to make the environment healthier for humans and animals.

Why Organic is Healthier For Your, Your Family, and Your Pets

There are a few main reasons why people choose to go organic regarding the food they consume and the products they purchase. For one, choosing organic is a healthy lifestyle for you, your family, and your furry family members. Many of us are accustomed to reading food labels by now and understand that certain chemicals in food can be hazardous to our health, but what about reading the labels of your health & beauty products, cleaning products, clothes, pet products etc.Some common toxins below that can be found in everyday products include GMOS (genetically modified organisms), Fragrance, Phthalates and Polybrominated diphenyl ethers (PBDEs). Unfortunately, the list of toxins found in everyday products is much longer, so it’s no surprise people are choosing to go organic and put their health, their family’s health and the health of their pets first.


Pure and Natural Pet cares deeply about the health of our furry friends, people, and the environment. We proudly advocate for organic legislations and are active members of the following associations that aid sustainability and the organic trade:


  • Pet Sustainability Coalition: a leading organization for sustainability advancement in the pet industry that promotes business minded solutions for environmental improvement
  • Organic Trade Association: promotes, protects, and grows organic agriculture and commerce
  • Eco Cert Certified: an organization certification organization that conducts inspections in over 80 countries, making it one of the largest organic certification organizations in the world


Our USDA Certified Organic products are free from toxins and adhere to the USDA’s strict federal guidelines. We use organic farmers that practice sustainability and partner with other eco-friendly companies, while also continually looking for ways to reduce our carbon footprint. At Pure and Natural Pet, we’re proud to manufacture award winning USDA Certified Organic Products and support organic legislations. USDA Certified organic products are the most regulated and are the only way in the pet industry to ensure an honest label.


We carry 20 USDA Certified Organic products that include:


  • Paw Rescue- helps to restore paw pads restore paw pads damaged by snow, ice, heat or rough terrain
  • Nose Rescue -prevents or heals a dry, cracked nose
  • Healing Aid Multi Purpose Ointment - soothes aches and stiffness as well as treat minor cuts and wounds
  • Waterless Foaming Dog Shampoo - a stress & mess-free way to keep your dog clean, moisturized, and smelling fresh between baths
  • Waterless Foaming Cat Shampoo  no rinse formulato moisturize and clean your cat’s coat
  • Shampoos & Conditioners - moisturize, condition, and gently clean without stripping your pet’s coat of its natural oils
  • Organic Dental Solutions- freshen your dog’s breath, remove tartar, fights plaque, and helps keep teeth and gums healthy
  • Dog Ear Wash - cleans and soothes raw, irritated, itchy, greasy and smelly dog ears.
  • Ear Cleansing Serum -cleans & disinfect, deodorize and protect against painful ear infections
  • Hot Spot Oil - calms insect bites, provides instant relief for wet eczema and acute pyoderma, and relieves, soothes & heals raw painful patches.



Difference Between All Natural and Organic


Although some may think they are one in the same, there are differences between “Natural” and “USDA Organic” products.  Many products listed as “Natural” do not contain hormones, antibiotics, or artificial ingredients which is good, but the main difference is that The FDA and the USDA do not regulate products that are labeled as “natural”.


USDA Certified Organic requires the listing of all active and inactive ingredients. Natural products are not subject to any restrictions and many ingredients within these products can be subject to interpretation.


With natural products, it is important to buy from a trusted brand that is transparent with their ingredients. Read the label and understand what the ingredients mean. Learn more about ingredients on our website.


Pure and Natural Pet all-natural products are made with organic essential oils. We believe in using the right natural ingredient. We use Organic Oils and Extracts that pose a variety of healing properties to ensure our products not only smell and feel good – but are GOOD for your pet and the environment. Our handpicked, all-natural ingredients have healthy & healing attributes that work together to have your family pet feeling and looking their best. We work hard to educate why ingredients matter and how Certified USDA Organic meets the highest standards in manufacturing.


Organic Trade Association Organic Week in Washington, DC


During the month of May, the Organic Trade Association/OTA hosts its signature Organic Week event  in Washington D.C.  From May 20 - 23, the OTA will be celebrating the organic supply chain, and educating policymakers on the importance of Organic and the sector’s impact on jobs, growth, and consumer demand.  On Tuesday, May 21, the Organic Trade Association’s Advocacy Day will take place in hundreds of offices and meeting rooms across Capitol Hill.


We’re proud to support the OTA’s mission to promote and protect ORGANIC by being champions of organic pet wellness and believers that great products can do amazing things for our pets and the planet.


To learn more about the event and activities taking place, visit here:

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