Traveling With Your Pets

More people are traveling with their pets on both long and short trips than ever before. Along with their pet food, it’s also important to pack first aid as well as essential grooming and wellness items to make your trip more enjoyable for everyone.

While on the go and in route to your destination, try to follow your established routines and bring your pets favorite toy or blanket for some added comforts from home. Consistency will help your pet transition to the new environment, even if it’s for a short time. Routine is key!

Make sure your pet has recently visited the Veterinarian and that all of their pet immunizations are up to date and they are safe to travel. If flying, check with the CDC Guidelines & Restrictions.  

If you need a hotel, there are many Pet Friendly Hotel Chains

Have an emergency plan in case your pet falls ill or gets lost. Make sure your pet is wearing an ID collar with your contact info, and have a few photos of them in your phone. Keep their medical records with you and know the emergency number for the nearest 24-hour veterinary emergency hospital along the way or at your end destination. This will save time if you have to deal with an emergency.

Prepare a Packing List of Travel Pet Essentials;

- Pet's favorite toys                                                - Pets favorite bedding & blanket

- Leash, harness and collar                                  - TSA Approved crate/travel carrier

- Food & treats w/ collapsible travel bowls        - Drinking water (for a longer road trip)

- Medications and medical/vaccine records     - Health certificate from vet (airline require)

- Pet wipes                                                              - Grooming supplies

- Pet first aid kit                                                     - Litter box or waste bags

To keep your pet safe, secure the carrier with a seatbelt, so it doesn’t become a projectile, or slide. Make frequent stops for exercise and potty breaks and pack plenty of pet wipes.

Wipes are critical for any pet outing. Our eco-friendly Flat Pack Wipes are biodegradable and easy to pack along with their carrier, and they’re oversized for quick clean ups. It’s important to remember baby wipes are not safe for pets as they often feature fragrance that can be harmful to your pets’ skin and toxic of licked. Our wipes are free of sulfates, parabens fragrance and dyes to safely clean.


While on the go, you may not be able to bath your pet as you normally would, or have access to water. We have an easy solution with our Waterless Foaming Dog Shampoo. It’s easy and convenient and will not affect Flea & Tick treatments. Simply massage into your pets coat to adsorb dirt, oil and odor. The no-rinse formula leaves no residue. Towel off and you are ready to go.


In tight quarters that last thing you need is stinky “dog breath.” Our USDA Certified Organic Dental Spray in Clean Mint ensures you’re keeping up with your pet's oral care needs all while naturally freshening their breath with a quick spritz. It’s easy to use and makes your trip more enjoyable for all.


 Clear away crusty buildup and brown staining around your dog's eyes. Our Eye Wipes are gentle enough for everyday use and are eco-friendly and flushable. The ultra-gentle eye wipes have special enzymes that break down tear stains, leaving your dogs fur clean and without residue.


Before check in, make sure your pups paw pads and nose are soft and supple. Cold air and forced heat from heaters can dry and crack their delicate skin. Our USDA Certified Organic Balms are small enough to easily tuck in any travel bag, and are made with food-grade ingredients so they’re safe if licked. A healthy pup includes their sensitive nose and paws. Pamper with Paw Rescue & Nose Rescue.


Not so fresh? Rid pet odors in an instant. Now your cabin, guest room, or hotel room can always smell fresh and clean. Our In-Between Bath Fresheners are available in 3 ahhh,mazing natural scents; a calming Lavender, relaxing Fresh Cotton, or invigorating Lime Verbena. You can spray directly on your pet, their bedding, or anywhere in the room.


Our pets are curious. Make sure their curiosity does not get the best of them and they become injured. Packing our USDA Certified Organic Healing Aid is a pet essential for any outing or trip.  Our Healing Aid is fast acting and has antibacterial properties to help soothe aches and stiffness as well as treat minor cuts and wounds.


Remember, it’s a vacation. While traveling can be stressful, a calm owner usually has a calm pet, so have fun on your adventure. Plan ahead and enjoy the journey.

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