Preparing Your Dog for Warmer Temps & Summer

Warmer weather is finally upon us. Summer is the time for outdoor fun with your pets; longer walks, hikes, beach days, and family travel.  

Summer can pose risks to your dog with increased exposure to the sun, fleas & ticks. Time to prepare to make summer more enjoyable for all, including your furry best-friend.

Did you know a dog can get a sunburnt nose and that some dog breeds are more prone to getting sunburns. Just like people who get too much sun, dogs also get red skin that is tender to the touch. The most susceptible areas—the nose, ears and tummy are likely to show overexposure before fur-covered areas.

A dog's nose can also get dried out and sore. USDA Certified Organic Nose Rescue is an ideal summer essential as it is a natural SPF protectant against the sun, especially for dogs with a pink nose that can already be sensitive. Warm temps can also be drying to your pup’s nose. Nose Rescue helps relieve cracked and dry noses. It’s also made to food-grade standards so it’s safe if licked.

The heat of summer can also be problematic for your dog’s paw pads, especially when their paws touch hot pavement or concrete hardscape in backyards. The pads of their feet are susceptible to burns and irritation, both of which can happen quickly when it is warm. Avoid exposing your dog to hot asphalt or sand as it can damage their paws. If it is too hot for your own bare feet, it’s too hot for your dog’s paws.

To repair paw pads, the USDA Certified Organic Paw Rescue has healing, soothing and moisturizing properties that restore paws damaged by weather or rough terrain. It is free of chemicals, parabens, and fragrance. Paw Rescue is also safe for dogs with allergies. Like all of our wellness balms – it is made to food-grade standards so you know it’s safe.

Fleas and ticks thrive in the summertime and are more prevalent in temperatures between 65°-80° degrees Fahrenheit.  Fleas are not only an annoyance; they can cause severe allergic reactions in dogs and carry diseases. If untreated, a tick bite can lead to Lyme disease. Do not let fleas & ticks ruin your summertime fun.

For more information on Fleas & Ticks, visit our added Blog on Natural Flea & Tick Solutions or Protecting Your Dog from Ticks & Lyme Disease.  You do not need toxic pesticides to effectively kill fleas & ticks. Our options in natural outdoor protection are Deet-Free.

The Flea & Tick Canine Spray is your go-to where you can quickly spray your dog or their bedding. It combats fleas & ticks on contact and also tackles mosquitoes to prevent an infestation. Our spray bottle is free of pressurized gases or other harmful substances and has a convenient Flea & Tick Canine Refills that are sold separately. The refills are a more sustainable solution.

The eco-friendly, flushable Flea & Tick Canine Wipes is a natural solution to target prone areas like the groin, around the eyelids and ears, between the toes, under the tail, and under the collar. It also provides an added layer of protection for those hard to reach or delicate places.

Dogs sweat, but not in the same way as humans. Dogs emit a light perspiration from their hair follicles, which has a chemical scent that is individual to the dog. Dogs sweat while exerting themselves or while recovering from rigorous activity. Dogs may also sweat when it’s hot outside or stressed. We recommend regular bathing but know sometimes you need in-between bath help.

Dogs get smelly with warmer temps. If you need a quick freshen up between baths the Between Bath Freshener sprays are a quick option. The natural sprays come in a clean Fresh Cotton, relaxing Lavender, and light citrus Lime Verbena scent. Spray on your dog, or their bedding for a quick burst of freshness.

Shedding while messy is a needed process for dogs so they do not overheat in summer. Dogs typically lose their winter coat in spring, when it is replaced by a shorter, lighter one for warmer temps. Sometimes this process takes a little longer and needs a little help. Some shed seasonally, while others shed year-round. This depends on the type of coat your dog has. A thicker double-coat is likely to shed year-round.

The time-saving 3-In-1 Shed Control Shampoo & Conditioner reduces shedding. It’s made with Omega-3 Fatty Acids that loosen the undercoat while moisturizing and freshening your dogs’ coat without drying the skin. It also adds shine and manageability making this a must-have pet essential to manage shedding.

Summertime often means ear infections for dogs with allergies, who swim or live in humid areas. When the pollen and mold count rise you may sneeze when the allergens begin floating around but it can often mean irritation to your dogs’ ears. Irritation can cause the skin to become inflamed, allowing for secondary bacterial or fungal infections. If your dog is a digger, they can also get dirt and debris in their ears which can be problematic and impact their hearing if not properly cleaned out.

The USDA Organic Ear Wash allows you to control odor, itching, and discomfort while removing debris and wax build-up. The formula is alcohol-free and free of any dyes or chemicals so it is non-stinging and can be used daily or as needed. Perfect for dogs that are swimmers or ones with long ears that can trap dirt and debris.


  • NEVER leave your dog in a hot car, even in the shade temps soar in minutes.
  • Don't walk your dog on hot asphalt. It will burn the pads of his feet.
  • Don't leave your dog tied out or in an outdoor kennel that does not provide an escape from the sun and the heat.
  • CHIP YOUR PETS as summer often has added travel to locations that are not in your pets’ routine. Chipping you pet adds a greater likelihood you will be reunited with your pet if they are ever lost.

Wishing you a fun and adventure filled, healthy summer with your furry best friend.

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