Flea & Tick Prevention: Protect Your Dog Naturally


Fleas and ticks are not only an itchy nuisance, but can transmit a number of diseases, and put your pets, and you at risk. Before heading outdoors, it's important to prepare for flea and tick season by taking precautionary measures that
protect your pet and family. When taking these preventative steps, pet parents may mistakenly use harmful flea and tick methods. These methods include sprays with dangerous toxins, chemical-filled shampoos, and certain medications that are considered unsafe for dogs. Unfortunately, there have been many reports warning pet parents about the negative side effects of toxic flea and tick products. Certain
medications can cause neurological problems (such as tremors seizures, ataxia), vomiting, diarrhea, loss of appetite, skin irritations, and lethargy. Even if your dog is
currently wearing a traditional flea collar and rubs it on your couch, your entire family could be exposed to toxic pesticides that come from the collar.

That’s why the ingredients in the flea and tick products you use matter — always read the label since most flea & tick applications can be harmful.The good news is that there are safe, natural, & eco-friendly ways to prevent fleas and ticks from latching on to your pet and getting into your home. Every pet parent should
opt for natural alternatives to avoid the risk of accidentally poisoning their pet.

Washing Your Dog With A Natural Flea & Tick Shampoo

Selecting the right flea & tick shampoo is critical for your pet’s health. Habitually check the ingredients on product labels, avoiding certain brands of flea and tick shampoos with toxic ingredients like Permethrin and Piperonyl Butoxide(PBO). You can keep those unwanted pests away by bathing with a natural flea & tick shampoo that’s free of toxic chemicals and combing your pet regularly. Pure and Natural Pet Flea & Tick Natural Canine Shampoo treats your pet naturally without the use 
of toxic harsh chemicals and effectively repels fleas & ticks. The skin-soothing formula we use is made with Organic Rosemary Oil, a natural antiseptic with superior moisturizing properties. This shampoo is also made with other natural ingredients like Aromatic Cedar and Peppermint Oils, which are natural insect repellents. Adding our natural flea and tick shampoo to your dog’s grooming routine is a natural defense against those pesky critters.

Using a Natural Flea & Tick Spray

Many popular brands of flea and tick sprays have dangerous toxins for pets, humans, and the environment. Products that contain ingredients such as Pyrethrin,
Permethrin, Organophosphates (OP), Imidacloprid, Fipronil, Piperonyl Butoxide (PBO), and Tetrachlorvinphos should be avoided. Our Pure and Natural Pet Flea & Tick Canine Spray is a natural and effective solution for your dog's wellness. This spray provides an added layer of protection as it naturally kills and repels fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes on contact. It’s free of harsh chemicals and is safe for your dog, family, and the environment. The Cedar, Clove, and Peppermint oils are a perfect blend of organic oils that work well together to repel, ward off, & kill these pests, preventing infestation. Those ingredients also help to soothe and aid skin irritations, while conditioning the skin and coat. You can use our non-toxic and gentle spray directly on your pet, on bedding, or in areas that your pet likes to hang out.

Cleaning Prone Areas with Natural Flea and Tick Wipes

Active dogs need a lot of protection while outdoors. Wipes are quick and easy for cleaning your four- legged friend. However, traditional Wet Wipes are bad for the environment and can block city sewers, leading to other environmental issues. The chemicals in Baby Wipes can also be harmful to your dogs' sensitive eyes. You should avoid wipes that have Parabens and Sulfates. Parabens are known for
penetrating the skin and causing tumors while sulfates strip away skins natural proteins and oil. A perfect addition to your natural Flea & Tick prevention is our new eco-friendly wipes. They are made with skin soothing Cedarwood and Peppermint Oil, plus they’re flushable and will not harm the environment. The Wipe is perfect for cleaning and allows you to wipe down prone areas that ticks are drawn to; under the collar, groin, tail area, eyelids, under the front legs and between the toes. Our natural wipes are safe for pets, your family, and the planet. Flea & Tick Canine Wipes.

Pet owners should have healthier flea & tick product options to give to their animals. Feel at ease using our natural flea & tick dog products because they are made with natural ingredients and free from toxins like DEET, pyrethrin and permethrin, natural flea and tick formaldehyde, parabens, sulfates, and synthetic dyes. Combining our Flea & Tick Canine Shampoo with our Flea & Tick Canine Spray and Flea & Tick Wipes will result in optimum protection. It’s also important to know that our Flea & Tick products, in addition to our other natural shampoos and grooming products, do not affect flea and tick treatments. You can add any of our flea and tick products to your existing natural flea & tick treatment.

To take additional measures that prevent or combat ticks, here are further recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC):

● Check your pets for ticks daily, especially after they spend time outdoors.

● If you find a tick on your pet, remove it right away. (Here’s how to safely remove a tick from your dog.)

● Reduce tick habitat in your yard

.● Ask your veterinarian to conduct a tick check at each exam.

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