Spoil Your Dog with a DIY Spa Day

Today is Spoil Your Dog Day and great way to do that is to pamper your pet with an at home DIY spa day. Follow these simple steps below on how to give your dog the royal treatment:

First Things First: Get Them Clean

Nothing is more refreshing than a bath, especially during these hot summer months. We know it’s not always easy to give your dog a bath, but if you make it fun your dog will appreciate being cooled off and scrubbed down! Take bathtime outside, all you need is a hose or a baby pool, Pura Naturals Pet™ Shampoo & Conditioner, and possibly some toys & treats! They will love getting massaged while you soap them up. After they are all soaped up make sure to completely rinse off all the soap and then take cover from the big shake! Once they have shaken out help dry them off a little more with our Fur Drying Gloves. These gloves work better than a towel, which pushes moisture back into their coat, instead the gloves actually extract the water from your dog’s fur. After the drying give your dog a treat!

Up Next Take Care of Any Sores or Cuts

After you have your little (or big) buddy all clean and dry, look for any cuts, wounds or sore spots, now is the perfect time to apply a healing solution to these affected areas. Our Organic Healing Restorative Salve helps to soothe, calm and heal, and is completely safe for your dog if licked. Just apply gently by massaging the balm onto the affected area and follow it up with a treat. Trust us, your dog will love you for this.

Now It’s Time to Pamper Those Paws

Our dog’s paws can really take a beating, and even more so in the summer months when the surfaces they walk on become much hotter. It's important to pay close attention to our pup’s pads, if they become too dry and crack, they can become susceptible to infection. Use our Organic Paw Rescue to help moisturize rough or hardened paws. Just give your dog a good old ‘Paw’ rub and massage the paw rescue gently into their pads to help soften and heal. Once again follow up with a treat.

Now Let’s Powder the Nose

Ok technically were not suggesting you use powder, we don’t want your dog sneezing all day, we just like the saying. Instead, give the nose a touch of love with our Organic Button Nose Balm. This nose balm is perfect for those noses that got a little too much sun this summer, it will help soothe and moisturize a dry snout. AND, it’s the perfect touch to complete your dog’s spa treatment!


Spoil your pampered pet with some more delicious treats and lots of hugs and kisses! Remember grooming doesn’t have to be a chore, in fact your pets will thank you for it. Keeping them clean and healthy just shows how much you love them. Let us know how you will be spoiling your furry friend today in the comments below.