Pura Naturals Pet ‘Must Have’ Summer Essentials

Summer is officially here! As we welcome back the warm weather and sunshine we thought it would be fun to share our favorite ‘Must Have’ Pura Naturals Pet summer picks that will keep your four-legged friend happy and comfortable all season long. If you are planning on spending a lot of time outdoors with your furry pal these are the top 5 products you should have on hand:   #1 Certified Organic Paw Rescue There is a reason our Organic Paw Rescue is one of our most popular items and a definite ‘Must Have’ for the summertime. Dog's paws tend to take a beating during the summer months, whether your hiking, going to the beach or just out for a walk around your neighborhood, the rough terrain and hot surface areas can be harsh on your pet's pads. Our paw rescue can be applied to your dog’s paws before you head out as a protective barrier and at the end of the day to rehydrate and moisturize. The all-natural ingredients blended in our paw rescue have healing, soothing and moisturizing properties that help to restore damaged paw pads keeping your dog happy, healthy and ready for the next adventure!   #2 Certified Organic Nose Rescue Your dog discovers the world with their nose and that’s why it’s so important to keep them protected. The summer sun and heat can cause your pup’s nose to get very dry and sometimes crack, which can be painful on your furry pal. Our Organic Nose Rescue is perfectly blended with organic, nourishing, healing and moisturizing ingredients that help to prevent, or heal, a dry, cracked nose. This amazing balm will soothe and softened your pup’s nose leaving them feeling happy, healthy and ready to sniff out the world again!   #3 Organic Healing Balm Our Organic Healing Balm is ideal for soothing aches and stiffness, but is also great at treating minor cuts and wounds making it the perfect item to have on hand when you are out and about with your four-legged friend. Treating wounds quickly is key to preventing infections and hot spots. Be sure to add this to your pet's first aid kit, you will be glad you did.     #4 Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs Lyme disease is on the rise and the best protection against Lyme disease is prevention. Spraying your dog with a flea and tick repellent that can kill a tick before it reaches the 48 hour mark will help ensure your pet’s protection. Pura Naturals Pet™ Flea and Tick Spray is an effective way to protect your pet from pests naturally. This non-toxic, gentle spray is made with peppermint oil, cedar oil, rosemary oil, clove oil and cinnamon oil. This perfect blend of natural oils works wonderfully together to ward off pests and kill fleas and ticks on contact. Don't venture out without proper protection this season!   #5 Nose to Tail Pura Wipes™ Singles You never know what your furry friend is going to get into when you're enjoying your time outdoors and our Pura Wipes™ are perfect for quick clean ups. These individually wrapped wipes are just the right size for travel, you can throw some in your bag or put one right in your pocket when you are on the go. Keep these wipes on hand this summer and your buddy will stay clean and happy all summer long!