Pet Paw Care: Summertime Tips

Summer is upon us and the temperatures are starting to rise! As it gets hotter so does the pavement, making it important for pet owners to protect their dog’s paws from getting burnt. Would you walk across hot pavement without any protection on your feet? You might not have thought about it before, but the first time your poor pup gets his paws burnt you will never forget it. Here are some summertime tips for pet owners to help protect your dog’s precious paws.

Avoid Hot Surfaces

19250153_lThe most obvious way to avoid your dog’s paws getting burnt is to avoid walking them on hot surfaces all together. Your dog's pads can easily burn and blister as a result of walking on a hot pavement or through hot sand. Try walking your dog on grassy areas or somewhere that gets a lot of shade. You should aim to walk your dog in the morning or at night. During the coolest parts of the day the pavement will also be much cooler.

Try Dog Booties

If you really can’t avoid the pavement when it’s hot you might want to look into purchasing a pair of dog boots. They are definitely a great way to protect your dog’s paws from the heat and potential injuries, if you can actually get your dog to wear them. Be aware that not all dogs can adjust to wearing shoes and may have a hard time walking in them.

Try Socks

Socks make a great last minute solution if you need to take your dog out onto hot pavement. You can try a pair of your own or baby socks, or you can purchase socks specifically made for dogs. Once again though, this only works if your dog is willing to wear them. If your dog starts chewing at them he/she is probably not going to tolerate it.

Moisturize Your Dog’s Paws

Screen Shot 2016-05-19 at 3.57.32 PMYour dog's pads are naturally rough. They have to be so he/she has traction when they need to turn quickly, sprint off and stop quickly. If the pads become cracked they are prone to collect dirt and debris, which can cause injury or an infection. Moisturizing them daily will help prevent injuries like cuts, cracking, or peeling of the paws. Minor injuries can make your dog's paws more susceptible to burns and other serious problems. Moisturizing your pet’s paws with our Certified Organic Paw Rescue will keep your dog’s paws in healthy condition. The Shea butter we use in our moisturizer is an exceptionally hearty healing agent that has natural regenerative properties and is safe if licked. All you do is apply the paw rescue to calloused, rough or hardened pads and paws, rub into paws and massage gently to soften and heal. Your dog will love you for this!

Wash and Check Paws Carefully

 After walks it’s always a good idea to wash paws off and check for any signs of damage. Symptoms of Paw Injury:

  • Bleeding
  • Blisters
  • limping
  • holding the injured paw off the ground
  • discoloration of the pad (difficult to see if the paws have a very dark pigmentation)
  • excessive licking and/or chewing of the paw.

If your dog is showing any of these symptoms you should call your vet. We hope you found these tips helpful and if you have any tips of your own please share them with us in the comments below. Be sure to check back on our blog as we post more summertime tips for pet owners!