Our 10 Favorite Dog Costumes of 2017

Halloween is right around the corner and if you haven't picked out a costume for your pup yet, maybe one of these will inspire you! After browsing the web for dog costumes we realized we almost lost an entire day just looking at cute pups all dressed up (sorry not sorry), but  thats when we decided to just pick 10 of our favorites, and that wasn't easy at all. There are so many amazing costumes out there both DIYs or store bought, but to keep you from loosing an entire day as well we decided to keep this post short (What you do after you read this post is all on you) - So here we go!

Let's start with some DIYs:

'Boss Dog'

This costume is super simple and easy to put together, and just look how this dog owns it! Maybe throw on a pair of shades just for a few pictures...

'Scooby Doo'

Super creative and another really simple and easy to put together costume. Makes you think; 'Why didn't I think of that?'

'Harry Pupper'

We will always be a fan of the 'Harry Pupper' costumes, it's just too darn cute!


Where are the Disney fans? This is definitely a super fun and creative costume, we absolutely love it!


Pressed for time? Anybody can throw this together if you have a sheet to spare. Some may call this unoriginal, but we think it's classic.

Here are some we found that could be purchased on Amazon or Chewy:

'UPS Dog'

The UPS man or woman would surely enjoy seeing their favorite greeter in this costume!

'Bantha Dog'

This is for the Star Wars fans!

'Ghost Buster'

Who you gonna call? Throwback to the 80s here and we love it!

'Supergirl Dog'

Maybe it's just how precious this Golden looks in it, but we think this is a hit for the lady dogs.

'Warewolf Dog'

Scare your neighbors with this one!                     Will you be dressing up your pet for Halloween? We would loveto see it! Share your pictures on Facebook and Instagram with us by tagging @puranaturalspet and using #petoween2017 and we could share your pup on our page! Have a happy and safe Halloween everyone!