Introducing Our Equine Line!

Expo CollageYes it’s true, our amazing line of USDA Certified Organic grooming products are now available for horses too! Over the weekend we debuted our new line with English Riding Supply at the American Equestrian Trade Association Expo in Oaks, Pennsylvania. We had an amazing time, met new friends and got some great feedback. AND, now we would like to share the new line with you!   First let's start with our Shampoos! We have 3 amazing organic options to choose from that are all USDA Certified Organic:   Shampoos Cropped

Lavender & Chamomile

Made with Organic Lavender and Chamomile Oil, this shampoo will leave your horse feeling clean and relaxed. The Lavender Oil promotes a calming feeling that helps to relieve tension. Lavender Oil also helps to  ward off bacteria and acts as a natural mosquito repellent, while the Chamomile Oil soothes the skin and relieves irritation caused by skin conditions such as sweet itch and rain rot providing gentle, comforting relief. *Contains ingredients currently prohibited by USEF

Tea Tree & Peppermint

Made with Tea Tree and Peppermint Oil, this shampoo will leave your horse feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.  Tea Tree Oil helps to treat fungal or bacterial skin infections without drying or stripping away natural skin and hair oils, while the Peppermint Oil helps to relieve sore muscles and joints. *Contains ingredients currently prohibited by USEF

Oatmeal & Aloe (Unscented)

Made with Organic Aloe and Organic Oatmeal Extract, this shampoo will soothe and nourish your horses skin and hair. The Oatmeal Extract contains a high percentage of Vitamin B which helps to deeply penetrate and moisturize the skin while strengthening the hair. The Aloe helps calm sensitive skin and works as an anti-inflammatory to pacify skin irritations and relieve itching.   Horse Conditioning SprayNext we have the perfect follow up to our line of shampoos:

Detangle & Shine

Our USDA Certified Organic Conditioning Spray offers luxurious characteristics that shines, detangles and conditions mane, tail and body, while replenishing natural oils lost in shampooing. Promotes healthy silky shine and eases grooming. *Contains ingredients currently prohibited by USEF   Horse Powder Dry ShampooLooking for a solution to water baths during the cold weather months? We have one:

Certified Organic Powder Dry Shampoo

Don't risk your horse catching a cold in the winter due to a bath, our Certified Organic Powder Dry Shampoo contains Organic Neem to help remove dirt and absorb excess oils while conditioning the coat. This powder dry shampoo will leave your horse's skin and hair smelling fresh and feeling soft.   Hoof Rescue     Next we have a little something for those hooves:

Certified Organic Hoof Rescue

Our Certified Organic Hoof Rescue heals and restores cracked hooves and helps to strengthen walls. The Shea Butter and Vitamin E hydrate and soothe hooves, while protecting from heat, cold and moisture. *Contains ingredients currently prohibited by USEF   Horse Healing BlamOur next addition to our Equine Line is a first aid 'Must Have':

Organic Healing Balm

Our all-natural restorative first aid salve contains Willow Bark for inflammation, stiffness and aches, and Organic Neem to help treat minor cuts, wounds and other ailments. Our healing balm is made with food grade ingredients and safe if accidentally ingested.       AND our last addition to the line will make cleaning your horse's ears a breeze:

Horse Ear Cleansing SystemAll-Natural Ear Cleansing System

An easy, all-natural way to clean your horse’s ears. Our system includes our Ear Cleansing Serum and 4 Reusable Pura-Finger™ Gloves. The Organic Mullein oil in our Ear Cleansing Serum acts as a natural disinfectant and antiseptic to clean and treat minor sores. The Pura-Finger™ Gloves fit easily onto the finger and are made from a bio-based foam that is highly effective at absorbing and removing dirt, oil and grime from the ears.   If you are interested in this new line please check us out at the, or if you have any questions about these products you can always contact us at