How To Clean Your Cat's Ear

If you have been wondering: ‘Do I need to clean my cat’s ears?' The answer is YES. It is true that cats are naturally excellent self groomers, but they still need some help from time to time. Having a grooming routine for your feline friend and regular at-home examinations will allow you to detect ear issues early, allowing for timelier treatment options. Generally, if you notice wax, dirt, or other debris, then it is probably time for a cleaning. If you suspect your cat may have an ear problem, request an appointment with your local veterinarian. Prompt treatment often offers a better prognosis, can reduce the potential for chronic disease and hearing loss, and may also provide earlier relief for any discomfort your cat may be experiencing.

How do you know if your cat’s ear is infected?

Keep an eye out for these symptoms:

  • Discharge from the ear
  • Bad odor around the ear
  • Excess scratching, pawing or rubbing at the ears
  • Redness in the ear canal
  • Sensitivity or pain around the ears
  • Swelling of the ear
  • Any masses or lumps around the ear

If your cat has any of the symptoms you should call your veterinarian.

How Can I Prevent Ear Infections?

The best way to prevent ear infections, and costly vet visits, is periodic cleanings, especially when you notice excess buildup in your cat’s ears. Keeping up with your grooming routine is the best way to avoid a painful infection or disease.

How to Prepare For an Ear Cleaning:

Cats vary with their temperaments, we have three and two out of the three will sit, fairly calmly, for an ear cleaning – the other one not so much. For the best results we don’t start with the ears. Instead start with general grooming. Our cats love being brushed and they purr loudly during brushings, so we find this to be an easy way to get started. Be sure to brush the hair around the ears as well - Heavy, matted, moist ear flaps, surrounding hair, and excessively hairy ear canals will decrease air flow to the ear canal, making it possible for wax and other debris to build up, potentially leading to infection. In some cats, excess hair may need to be gently removed from inside the ear canal; note, this must be done carefully to avoid damaging the ear canal and minimize discomfort to your pet. Consider having a professional groomer or medical professional remove the hair if needed.

Transition Into the Ear Cleaning

Have your Pura Naturals Pet Feline Ear Cleansing System in reach as well as some treats (never forget the power of treats) and once they are relaxed from all the brushing you can start the ear cleaning.   Frist Add 2 drops of the serum to the ear canal directly or right onto the Pura Tip™ - whichever you feel more comfortable with. Sometimes my cats tend to quickly move their heads and it is easy to miss their ears trying to put the drops in - So I personally like applying the drops onto the Pura Tip™. The all-natural serum is blended with organic oils to help disinfect and deodorize, while the Pura-Tips™ are highly effective in absorbing dirt, oil, and grime.                     Second Gently massage around your cat’s outer ear canal with the tip.  You will be amazed how well the Pura Tips™ work at absorbing dirt and grime. The tips are made from a plant based foam and designed in a way that ensures you won’t damage your pet’s inner ear canal. The tips are soft and gentle so your pet won’t feel any discomfort while you’re cleaning – but they are also sturdy and flexible enough making them highly effective for cleaning around the contours of your pet’s ears.                     Below is the before and after. You can see the build up in my cat's ears. Ignore the brown spots, thats not dirt he has kitty freckles on his ears.     Third Rinse your Pura Tips™ off with hot water to clean and reuse for the next cleaning! You can reuse the tips up to 3-5 times depending on how dirty your pet’s ears are.                     Pura Naturals Pet Feline Ear Cleansing System is the perfect, all-natural, solution to maintain your pet’s ear health and cleanliness. This system is proudly made in the USA with kitty safe and eco-friendly ingredients that will keep you and your feline friend happy and healthy!