How Is Fragrance Harmful To My Pet?

Fragrance is an ingredient found in many products on the market today. You find it in laundry detergent, candles, soaps, shampoos and even your pet's shampoo. These artificial fragrances give products their amazing smell, BUT underneath the mask of "fragrance" lie harmful toxins. These toxins are harmful to us and even worse for our four legged friends. Here is why you should just say no to fragrance:

What is in “Fragrance?”

More than 95 percent of the chemicals in artificial fragrances are known toxins which can lead to a compromised immune function, allergic reactions and neurotoxicity – some of which are cited on the EPA’s hazardous wastelist. Unfortunately, manufacturers can legally hide hundreds of synthetic chemicals in the one word—”fragrance” without revealing what those ingredients are. This is referred to as a “trade secret” in the industry, a major loophole in the law.

How Does This Affect My Pet?

Whether theses chemicals are inhaled or absorbed through the skin, they’ll make their way into your pet’s blood, and from there to all the tissues and organs throughout the body. Artificial fragrances have been linked to serious health problems such as cancer.

Why Is Fragrance Worse For My Pet? 

The human body is able to detoxify differently than animals can. There are certain harmful substances that the human body can effectively eliminate, but the same cannot be said for our pets. And you should also keep in mind that our pets’ bodies, which are much smaller than our own, will have a much more difficult time detoxifying the same amount of toxins that our bodies are burdened with. So while we may be able to inhale a bit of artificial fragrance every day without serious harm, our small pet’s liver may be overburdened by the toxicity and find it difficult to remove the toxins effectively. This can lead to both short-term problems, such as skin allergies, and long-term chronic health issues, such as respiratory problems and cancer.

Healthy Alternatives

Thankfully there are safe alternatives out there, so that you can avoid toxic ingredients, but still enjoy great smelling products. Organic options are the safest choice, using natural fragrances as opposed to synthetics. Pura Naturals Pet™ shampoos are made with essential oils that will nourish your pet’s coat, leaving it clean, shiny and smelling great!