Fun Ways To Keep Your Pet Cool This Summer

Summertime is the perfect time to get outside and have some fun in the sun! It's the time of year where people and their pets take time to enjoy the great outdoors, but sometimes that summer heat can be brutal. Just as the rising temperatures can be uncomfortable for us, it's also uncomfortable for our pets and can be dangerous to them as well and cause heat stroke. Learn more about preventing heat stroke on our blog Summer Safety Tips for Pet Owners. Don't let the summer heat stop you and your pet from having fun outdoors. We searched the web we found some really fun ideas on how to keep your furry friend cool this summer! Below is a list of our favorites:

Frozen Treats

Who doesn't like a frozen treat on a hot summer day? Your dog will love cooling off with these two frozen treats: The Dogsicle - Recipe via True Blue Me and You Dogsicle Frozen Yogurt Bones - Recipe via Doggy Desert Chef strawberry-blueberry-yogurt2-516x387

DIY Cooling Collar

This is a fantastic way to keep your dog cool when you are out and about this summer, check out the tutorial on how to make your own at 6a012876481850970c0133f2b65d98970b-500wi

Traveling Water Bottle and Travel Bowl

When you're having fun at the park or the beach your furry friend needs a drink just like you. Now you can get a water bottle for your pet that looks like yours, but designed to help your dog slurp up the water. Check out H2O4K9-Dog-Water-Bottle-+-Travel-Bowl-

Bottle Sprinkler

Ok so this one isn't just for your pet, you can have fun with this too! Follow the directions at to make your own. Bottle Sprinkler

Purchase a Baby Pool

If your dog loves splashing around in the water, why not get them their own pool to splash around in on those hot summer days? (Photo via baby7

Go For A Swim

If your dog is a big fan of the water take a trip to your local dog friendly swimming spot. Both you and your pup can cool off together! luci1   We hope you found these ideas helpful and fun if you have any ideas of your own please share them with us in the comments below. Be sure to check back on our blog as we post more summertime tips for pet owners. Stay cool!