First Aid Essentials Every Dog Parent Needs

As a pet parent, it’s important to always be prepared for potential accidents that will require first aid care. Being equipped and ready to handle an unfortunate situation will prevent it from turning into a crisis. It’s also vital to practice healthy grooming habits to prevent or treat certain conditions. With April being First Aid Pet Awareness Month, it’s the perfect time to learn about the products that every dog parent should have in their home, car, or on-the-go. Here are 3 first aid essentials to keep your precious pup healthy and happy:

-For Bumps, Bruises, & Skin Abrasions Soothe your pup’s inflammation, aches, and stiffness with our Organic Healing Aid.This first aid staple is also a great solution for treating minor cuts, wounds, or insect bites. We combined natural ingredients like Willow Bark, Shea Butter, and Organic Neem to help disinfect and heal. Taking care of these bumps, bruises, and skin abrasions quickly is key to preventing infections and hot spots. If your dog  experiences hot spots, our Certified Organic Hot Spot Oil will provide instant relief.It features Organic Jojoba Oil - nature’s most powerful skin healer which has been shown to heal and regrow hair in as little as three days. The organic ingredients in these two wellness must-haves will quickly alleviate your dog’s pain and leave them feeling relaxing.  

-  For Healing A Dry, Cracked Nose Bye, Bye dry, cracked nose and hello moisture. The skin on your pet’s nose needs a touch of love year round too due to outdoor elements like heat and cold. Dogs explore the world with their snouts and this exposure to the weather can cause dryness or cracking - both painful conditions for your furry pal. It’s our jobs to keep them protected and our Certified USDA Organic Nose Rescuedoes just that. This moisturizing balm is packed with soothing and healing ingredients like Organic Beeswax, Organic Castor Oil, and other organic oils. Not only will this organic first-aid treatment heal a dry, cracked nose, but it will also prevent dryness and cracking from happening to your precious pup. Protect that button nose to make your pup feel healthy, happy, and loved.   - For Treating Damaged Paws While your dog’s paw pads are naturally tough, they are still vulnerable to the elements and need proper protection all year long. Checking your pet’s paws for any signs of damage should be done daily, the best time being after walks.  If the paws become cracked, they are prone to collect dirt and debris, which can cause injury or an infection leading to other serious problems. You can easily protect your four legged friend’s pads with our moisturizing Certified Organic Paw Rescue.The Shea Butter is an exceptionally hearty healing agent that has natural regenerative properties. Moisturizing your pup’s paws every day with this award-winning moisturizer will help defend against  painful injuries like cuts, cracking, or peeling. Keep those paws in healthy condition with this soothing balm. Using these key wellness products daily will aid your pet’s overall health.Plus, developing a regular and thorough grooming routine will help you create a stronger bond with your dog! For more information on handling first aid emergencies, head over here.