Don’t Forget the Flea & Tick Protection This Fall

The "dog days" of summer are behind us, although in some areas it doesn’t feel like it, as Fall brings in the cooler weather many seem to think the flea & tick season is also behind us. In fact, the Fall season, in most areas, are the worst for fleas & ticks, so don’t put away that flea & tick protection just yet.

Where are these pesky parasites hiding?

Leaf Piles

The Fall season is best known for the beautiful changing colors of the leaves (and pumpkin spice everything) just before they begin to fall to the ground. Once these colorful leaves fall to the ground, what do we do? We make a leaf pile for the kids and pets (sometimes adults too) to jump in of course! Unfortunately, leaf piles can also be a haven for fleas, which prefer to congregate in humid areas away from bright sunlight. Be sure to rake up fallen leaves regularly and immediately bag and dispose of them in a secure trash receptacle, to help minimize exposure.

Overgrown Grass or Shrubbery

Ticks love climbing up tall grass or shrubs to grab onto a passing animal or human. Don’t let the cooler weather be an excuse to slack on the yard maintenance.

Outdoor Feeding/Sleeping Areas

Does your pet frequently sleep outdoors or do you leave out food and water bowls for them? Fleas and ticks recognize these high traffic areas—whether they are trafficked by your pet or a wild animal like a raccoon or possum—and lie in wait until they can latch onto a host. Regularly clean out sleeping areas, especially if there are pillows inside. Also, if possible, remove food and water bowls after your pet uses them and/or before nighttime. Raccoons and possums are opportunistic feeders and will eat or drink anything left out. They also are frequently teeming with ticks and fleas.

What if my pet is mostly indoors?

Don’t think your pet is safe from fleas & ticks just because they don’t hang outdoors as much. While there is no doubt that outdoor pets face much greater exposure, it is important to recognize that fleas can and do infest indoor-only animals. Where do these fleas come from? For starters, they hitchhike their way into homes on people’s clothes, or other indoor-outdoor pets in the family and unwanted pests like mice and rats. (Unfortunately, for many of us, these rodents do exist in, around and under our homes.) Outdoor animals that sleep around houses or find their way into crawl spaces and basements can potentially introduce fleas into your home. And, fleas are so tiny, they can even enter your home on their own, jumping through screens or coming in through the smallest cracks of a door or window. Once inside, the flea jumps onto your pet and that’s that.

What are some ways to prevent fleas & ticks from invading my home?

  • Vacuum daily in high traffic areas around your home and weekly throughout the rest of your home.
  • Wash pet bedding, plush toys, and other accessories weekly.
  • Clean and treat pet carriers, your basement, and any other area your pet frequents

Be Proactive  

Keep your pet protected. Pura Naturals Pet Flea & Tick Spray for Dogs an effective way to protect your pet from pests naturally. This non-toxic, gentle spray is made with peppermint oil, cedar oil, rosemary oil, cove oil and cinnamon oil. This perfect blend of natural oils work wonderfully together to ward off pests and kill flea & ticks. If your curious when fleas & ticks are the most active in your state the American Kennel Club has a helpful little map you can find here.