Doggy Bathing Tips

Dogs love rolling around in the grass and the dirt, in fact they seem to embrace being dirty, but we can’t let our buddies run around being stinky, that’s why we need to bath them. Bath time though, isn’t always as easy as it sounds so we put together some helpful tips to make bathing your pet a happier experience!

Where to Bath Your Dog 

This really depends on what is available to you. If you have a small dog; a kitchen sink or laundry sink will work just fine. If you have a larger dog; a bath tub or walk-in shower is perfect. Outside bathing with a garden hose is always a popular option, but only if weather is permitting. Only wash your dog outside in warm weather, washing them outside in cold weather is a sure way to get them sick. Whether you bath your dog in a tub, shower or sink, be sure to put some type of mat down to avoid your pet from slipping. If for some reason none of these options are available to you, maybe you are in a small apartment or you don’t have access to an outside area, there are other options. Look into grooming services in your area, or do-it-yourself dog bath facilities that are offered in select cities. Also keep in mind, if the w82263773662101.BVxPwMSW1SS17K3drPNl_height640eather is extremely cold and bathing your dog with water is not convenient, even inside, you can use a dry shampoo on your dog. Our Certified Organic Powder Dry Shampoo is a perfect option to replace water baths during the colder months. Just sprinkle powder on your dog (avoiding ears and eyes) and brush hair through until all the powder is gone. The powder will absorb excess oil leaving your dog with a soft and clean coat.  

Making Your Dog Comfortable

Maverick Few dogs are ever excited to get a bath, and if you didn’t have the opportunity to start them young, bath time could look more like wrestle mania. The goal is to create a positive experience so your dog won’t develop an actual fear of bathing. When you have decided on where you will be bathing your dog, get them comfortable with the area first. Call them over with a treat. Rewards go a long way and help to associate bath time as a positive experience. If you choose the bath tub or sink, let them hang out in there first, and work your way up to adding warm (make sure it’s not hot) water. Use treats or toys to reward them and keep them comfortable. You may have to repeat these actions a few times before actually bathing them to ensure they are truly comfortable.

Protect the Ears, Eyes and Mouth

You need to be careful not to get water inside your pet’s ear during bathtime. Not only is it extremely unpleasant for your dog, but it can actually cause health problems. You also want to avoid getting any soap in the eyes or mouth. The best way to do this is to wash your dog from the neck down and use a damp towel for face and head.

Choose the Right Shampoo

 Some pet shampoos can strip away important oils and dry out the skin, causing your dog to scratch. And, many pet shampoos on the market today contain harsh chemicals that can make your pet sick. That is why it is so important to read labels. Learn more about toxins lurking in pet shampoo here.

Choose a Natural Alternative

Treat Dry Itchy Skin

To relieve dry itchy skin, you want a natural shampoo containing oatmeal and aloe vera. Our Nourishing Oatmeal & Aloe Shampoo helps to soothe itchy skin and moisturize dry skin naturally. This shampoo also includes Rosemary Extract which helps prevent dandruff.

Treat Skin Allergies

Choose a natural shampoo that contains Tea Tree Oil. Tea Tree Oil is a natural anti-bacterial and it also works as a flea repellent. Tea Tree Oil products have been used by veterinarian’s over the years to treat skin diseases in dogs and cats, predominantly hot spots and skin allergies. Our Moisturizing Tea Tree Oil & Peppermint Shampoo is perfect for the job and also includes Oatmeal and Aloe to help soothe the skin as well.

Treat Anxiety

Do you have a dog that suffers from anxiety? Well just like humans Lavender Oil may be used to calm anxious dogs and reduce stress. Treat your dog to our Soothing Chamomile and Lavender Shampoo, which also includes Coconut Olive Extract that acts as an effective moisturizer on all types of skin.


Natural oils, such as Jojoba, naturally condition the dog’s coat, leaving it soft and silky. All of our shampoos contain Jojoba oil. For the best results leave on the coat for up to ten minutes in order to allow the ingredients to penetrate thoroughly.

Drying Your Dog

12657858_10153750992155873_3879899710456461248_oMany people swear by dog blow dryers, but it’s definitely something your pet needs to get adjusted to. The noise and feel of the blow dryer can scare them. Be very careful if you use a blow dryer, as they tend to get very hot, don’t hold it to close to your pet or you may accidently burn their skin. If you’re like the rest of us, a simple towel will do. When you towel dry, make sure to use a highly absorbent towel. You may need more than one, and be prepared for your dog to shake him/herself off (You may be using that second towel on yourself).

How Often Should You Bathe Your Dog

This depends on you and your dog. Some dogs may get dirtier quicker than others or he/she may like to play in the mud. For dogs with normal skin once a month is fine and washing your dog more than once a week, unless there are skin issues and it has been recommended by your vet, could leave your dog’s skin dry. Making bath time pleasant for your dog, by remaining clam, patient and bringing lots of treats, becomes another opportunity to bond with your pet and share affection. Good luck and please share with us any tips or tricks you may use to make bath time a little easier.