Choose Chemical-Free in 2017

Want to make a resolution this year that will have a positive impact on your health, your family’s health, your pet’s health and the health of our planet? It’s easy start swapping out the everyday products you buy that are packed with chemicals for products that are chemical-free. Here are 3 simple ways you can start creating a chemical-free household:

What’s in the Fridge?

This is an easy place to start. Start slow, take one product that you buy the most - say it’s milk, switch to organic milk (without pesticides and growth hormones). It’s that simple take a product you buy and switch it out for a healthier alternative. Now we understand buying organic food can be pricier, but the benefits are worth it. If you want to save some money shopping organically look for sales and buy a large amount when a product is on sale and freeze it. You can also check out your local farmer markets, I have found great deals on fruits and vegetables there, plus shopping locally is another way to help the environment! Don’t forget about Fido, what are you feeding him? Take a look at the ingredient label, not sure what you are looking for? Check out “How to Read a Dog Food Label on What your pet eats can have a huge impact on their health and a huge impact on your wallet. A healthy pet means less trips to the Vet, and a healthy diet is key!

Cleaning Your Home or Polluting it With Chemicals?

I had a friend who use to believe her house wasn’t clean unless she could smell the bleach. Although bleach comes from a natural source, the process it undergoes radically changes the substance into something that is quite harmful to us, our pets, and the environment. (Learn more about bleach and why it is so dangerous here.) Bleach is just one of the many harmful chemicals found in every day cleaning products that are toxic to us and our pets. Cleaning products with ingredients such as bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers or formaldehyde can put our pets at risk for cancer, anemia, liver and kidney damage. According to the EPA, 50% of all illness can be traced to indoor pollution, which can be directly related to the use of household cleaners. Start purchasing natural cleaning alternatives or make your own, learn how  here.

Do You Know What’s Lurking in Your Grooming Products?

More than 95 percent of the chemicals in artificial fragrances are known toxins which can lead to a compromised immune function, allergic reactions and neurotoxicity – some of which are cited on the EPA’s hazardous waste list. Unfortunately, manufacturers can legally hide hundreds of synthetic chemicals in the one word —”fragrance” without revealing what those ingredients are. This is referred to as a “trade secret” in the industry, a major loophole in the law. Where can you find fragrance lurking? You can find it in personal care products for men and women and our pet’s grooming products. Fragrance isn’t the only harmful chemical you will find in personal care products, check out EWG’s Skin Deep Database for more information on what to avoid and how to make healthier choices. At Pura Naturals Pet™ we are dedicated to delivering the highest quality products using only the best materials the Earth has to offer. Our products are free of chemicals and USDA certified organic meaning it is safe for you, your family, your pets and our planet! Learn why being organic is important to us on our blog.