Brushing Your Dog’s Teeth & Gums Is Important. Here’s Why.

Did you know that dogs can develop dental problems that can lead to other health problems? Without a dental care routine for your furry friend, dogs can experience oral issues like bad breath, tartar, plaque building, or gingivitis. When left untreated, bacteria introduced by the problem can enter your pet’s bloodstream and affect their heart, kidneys or liver. A painful oral condition called periodontal disease can even lead to tooth loss and infection. In fact, veterinarians report that an estimated 85 percent of dogs over the age of 4 are suffering from some form of periodontal disease. Since dogs are very good at hiding oral pain, you might not realize that your pet has a serious dental issue until it turns into a medical emergency. The good news is that you can prevent these discomforting dental conditions and an expensive run to the vet by taking care of your dogs’ teeth and gums. We wanted to make it simple for dog owners to keep their pets’ mouths healthy. To celebrate February's Dog Dental Month, we partnered with RADIUS®, a leading designer and manufacturer of eco-friendly toothbrushes, to launch your new dental essential. Get ready for you and your pet to smile because we’re about to dive deeper into the benefits of our NEW Certified USDA Organic Dental Solutions for your canine grooming routine. Our kits for Puppy, Adult, and Senior dogs will help keep your canines’ teeth and gums healthy for life:

An Organic Toothpaste Gel

We created the ONLY USDA Certified Organic Pet Toothpaste Gel in the market! It’s packed with healthy organic oils and extracts that reduce tooth decay, naturally freshen breath, and aid overall oral health. If you’re asking yourself about the specific benefits of the organic ingredients, we have you covered:

  • Sweet Potato: Packed with Vitamin A for healthy skin, coat, eyes, and can help improve digestion
  • Cinnamon Powder: Naturally antimicrobial, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory properties that can help brain function and is safe for dogs with arthritis and diabetes.
  • Coconut Oil: Antibacterial/antiviral that can help reduce badbreath & plaque
  • Olive Leaf Extract: Soothes inflamed gums and support gastrointestinal health
  • Fennel Extract: Rich in Vitamin C and can help fight gingivitis
  • Kelp Extract: Vitamins and amino acids to help reduce plaque and tartar
  • Salt: Helps reduce bacteria in the mouth and freshens breath
  • Thyme Leaf Oil: Naturally antimicrobial and can help reduce tooth decay

This healthy tooth gel is also free of harmful ingredients like Xylitol, Chemicals, SLS, Preservatives, Pesticides, Parabens, and dyes. Plus, your dog will enjoy the sweetness of the gel. It tastes like a yummy treat, while being tough on bacteria, tarter and plaque.

A Premium Toothbrush

Brushing your dog’s teeth and gums is just as important as brushing your own teeth. Our innovative BPA Free toothbrush makes the task of cleaning easy for you and gentle for your furry pal. It features a tapered, ambidextrous handle with a non-slip grip and premium bristles to clean teeth and massage delicate gum tissue. The cornerless head reaches your dog’s back teeth and tight spaces without causing damage to your pet’s teeth or gums. Molars and back teeth can quickly build up tartar so it's important to pay extra attention to these areas. Puppy, adult, and senior dogs each have their own unique dental requirements and we made sure to address their specific dental needs. We designed a premium toothbrush for each stage of life:

  • Puppy: This toothbrush is for pups 0 -18 months. It has Ultra-soft bristles for their newly developed and growing teeth.

  • Adult: Dogs that are 1.5 - 8 years old need a toothbrush with firm bristles for their full grown adult teeth.

  • Senior: Older dog’s teeth and gums need tender, love, and care. We crafted a soft bristle toothbrush for dogs that are 8+years and up.

Now that you know the importance of doggy dental care, you may be asking yourself “How many times should I brush my dog’s teeth?” We recommend at least 2-3 times per week. Sounds doable right? With our Organic Dental Solutions, it sure is. Before you start poking around in your pet’s mouth, know that most dogs have to get use to their owners brushing their teeth. Be very patient with your furry friend and reward him/her with a treat after the process. Of course, the earlier you start brushing your dog’s teeth, the easier it will be for you as they get older. Don’t worry if you’re starting a dental routine in a later stage of your pet’s life, just remember to take it slow and soon it will become normal for your family pet. When you include dental care to your dog’s grooming routine, it’s still critical to visit your veterinarian for an annual oral exam and dental cleaning. If you ever have any dentals concerns, always contact your vet right away.  Brushing your dog’s teeth and gums with our certified organic Sweet Potato & Cinnamon Toothpaste Gel in combination with our specially designed toothbrush will save your dog from pain, keep their mouth healthy, and makeyour dog’s dental routine easier. Give your pup a healthy smile this year!