About us

Pura Naturals Pet™

Pura Naturals Pet is a recognized industry leader specializing in organic pet wellness. We’re pure, honest and authentic with our claims. We’ve received numerous awards for revolutionary products, corporate leadership and philanthropy efforts. Our eco-friendly products are proudly made in the USA with all-natural ingredients, using renewable and local earth-friendly resources to reduce our carbon footprint.
We consistently strive to develop innovative, cruelty-free products that ensure the wellness, safety, and comfort of your family pets. Non-toxic means shampoo’s free of surfactants that can affect our environment, DEET free flea & tick solutions with natural essential oils, and products that that are developed to causes no harm to humans, animals or the environment – it’s your natural choice in caring for your pets.
We are committed to being a responsible corporate partner and giving back and creating positive change in animal welfare. Pura Naturals Pet is honored to sponsor the Paws for Life K9 Rescue service dog program. Within this incredible program, canines, and often bully-breeds, are pulled from high kill shelters. Inmates in maximum security state prisons train the dogs for up to a year, where they learn up to 70 different commands. The dog is then matched to a U.S. Veteran, or first-responder, with PTSD and gifted as their service dog.
Pura Naturals Pet has also been hands-on with aiding animal rescue during natural disasters and works as an advocate for animal rescue and supports legislation for animal rights and organic farming. We’ve also added a Collegiate Veterinary Program to further support our future doctors of Veterinary care with options in organic wellness.
Our passion, philosophy and philanthropy flow through everything we do, making it easy to put you and your pet’s health first.