A New Year & Healthy You, Includes Your Pet

The new year is the perfect time to start or enhance healthy routines for yourself, your family, and your four-legged friend. Having a healthy & happy pet is the ultimate goal we hear from pet parents all across the globe. A simple way to achieve this & kick off the year in a healthy way, is to improve your pet’s at-home grooming routine. (You’ll impress your vet too!) If you’re wondering what important steps should be added, we’ve got you covered from head to paw, and tail! Here are five essential & easy steps to boost the health & happiness of your pet:   1. Keep Those Paws Protected You have to protect those paws all year long -especially during the cold weather months. It’s important to keep an eye on your dog’s paws and toenails due to the winter elements and salted sidewalks, which can irritate paw pads and lead to cracking or sores. Remove any long hair on the bottom of the paws to help prevent the formation of painful snow balls, which is when snow or ice sticks to the hairs. A moisturizer is the best solution to soothe paw pads that are cracked or irritated. The moisturizing organic Shea Butter and Vitamin E in our eco-friendly USDA Certified Organic Paw Rescue will hydrate, soothe, and promote healing. Plus, all of our ingredients are food-grade so don’t worry if your dog licks their paws after it's applied.   2. Moisturize & Prevent Dry Skin Dry and chapped skin can become an issue during both cold and hot weather for humans, and it’s the same for our pets. Dogs use their noses to explore the world, so they’re prone to drying out and becoming irritated. Organic Olive Oil in combination with organic Castor Oil will help soothe and heal your dog’s nose. You can find these moisturizing ingredients in our moisturizing Certified Organic Nose Rescue balm. The bonus: It's also SPF 17 and ideal when the weather gets warm.   3. Clean After Being Outdoors & On-The Go Walks, runs, and outdoor traveling adventures are fun, but can turn into a messy situation.The perfect solution for quick and easy clean ups while out and about are our individually wrapped award-winning Nose to Tail Pura Wipes™ Singles. Made with Organic Oils like Lavender & Calendula, these & biodegradable wipes will clean, nourish and enrich your pet’s skin and fur. If your pet always seems to find the dirtiest puddle to jump into, you can rest assured that they’ll be clean after using these handy wipes. (If your dog likes to roll around in muddy puddles, then you’ll want to clean & nourish their fur with our Shampoos & Conditioners.)   4. Don’t Forget to Clean Those Ears           Did you know that your pets’ ears are the perfect breeding ground for germs, bacteria,and various nasties? Adding ear care to your dog’s or cat’sroutine is the best way to help ensure healthy ears and keep them safe from infections. An easy, all-natural, and safe way to clean ears is with Our Pura-Tips™ Ear Cleansing System, available for dogs and cats.

The system comes with 25 reusable Pura-Tips™ and our USDA Certified Organic Cleansing Serum. Our Pura-Tips™ are eco-friendly, made from a bio-based foam that is amazing at absorbing dirt, oil, and grime in your pet’s ears. The Organic Mullein Oil & other Organic Oils in our USDA Certified Organic Cleansing Serum act as a natural disinfectant and deodorize.

If you suspect your pet has an ear infection, please call your vet immediately and do not reuse the Pura Tip. Do not attempt to resolve an ear infection on your own. Adding pet ear care to your grooming routine is a way to prevent having to make that call to the vet. Learn the ins and outs of proper ear care here.

5. Shield Your Pet from Parasites & Fleas Parasites & fleas are fears all pet parents have and don’t ever want to experience. An undetected flea infestation can become a very dangerous to your pet’s health. Fleas are incredibly itchy and discomforting and dogs suffering from a flea allergy can develop rashes, lesions and skin infections. It gets even worse - your dog can swallow a parasite while chewing at their itchy skin and end up with tapeworms. Using our Ultimate Outdoor Protection before heading out to enjoy mother nature is an excellent way to prevent this unpleasant encounter and our natural peppermint oil Flea & Tick Spray kills fleas & ticks on contact. Our spray can also be used directly on pet bedding or areas the pet hangs out.   Include these five steps to your pet’s grooming routine and see the positive changes in their health & well-being. Plus, using our eco-friendly products will help protect the environment, which is the playground for both animals and us humans. Cheers to healthy (& happy) pets & pet parents this new year!